July is National Ice Cream Month!  According to Baskin-Robbins and PR Newswire a whole bunch of people took personality tests, and matched up the results to people's favorite ice cream flavors.

1.  Vanilla.  People associate vanilla ice cream with boring people, but the study found the OPPOSITE.  If vanilla is your favorite flavor, you're more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible, and idealistic.

2.  Chocolate.  This one fits the stereotypes.  Chocolate lovers are dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, and seductive.  Unfortunately you're also more gullible.

3.  Strawberry.  If your favorite flavor is strawberry, you're more likely to be tolerant, devoted, and introverted.

4.  Mint Chocolate Chip.  These people tend to be argumentative, frugal, and cautious.

5.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. You're ambitious, competitive, and visionary.  So . . . maybe become an entrepreneur

6.  Pralines and Cream.  This group is loving and supportive, and prefers to stay out of the spotlight.  So, bad news . . . sounds like your best bet is to be a politician's wife?

7.  Coffee.  People who eat coffee ice cream are scrupulous and conscientious, with a side of moral perfectionism.  Sorry, that's what the study says.

8.  Chocolate chip.  This is a pretty good favorite flavor to love.  These people are generous and competent . . . and they also tend to be go-getters.

9.  Rainbow sherbet.  If you're in this group, you're supposedly analytic, decisive, and pessimistic.

10.  Rocky Road.  If you like rocky road, you're more likely to be aggressive and engaging, but also a good listener.  The good news is you're the life of the party.  The bad news is you're getting stuck with the girl who just got dumped.