This week is National Pet Peeve Week, and to celebrate, the dating site Zoosk conducted a survey from PR Newswire on biggest dating pet peeves.

Apparently, men are more annoying than women.  One in four men could only come up with one pet peeve, if they could think of any.  One in five women listed more than five.

The biggest pet peeve for women is when their date smells.  Almost half of all women listed that as a complaint.

Half of men said that their biggest pet peeve was when their date was too occupied with their cell phone.

Cell phones were women's second-biggest complaint, followed by dates who were late.  Talking about yourself too much was the fourth worst thing, and asking her too many questions about herself was right behind.

For men, smelliness was second, followed by lateness.  Too many questions was fourth, and too much makeup was fifth.

When it comes to appearance, too much body hair was women's biggest pet peeve, followed by inappropriate clothes.  Dressing badly was tops for men, followed by crooked teeth.

What's your biggest pet peeve?