Being a Thanksgiving Baby, yes my birthday has fallen many a year right on this joyous occasion, Thanksgiving means lots of things for me. First and foremost it means family. Family from all over my mother has bunches of siblings and I’ve been lucky to have lots and lots of family. We are all different and getting that many personalities in a room can be challenging to say the least. My family is loud, and when I say loud I mean bull horn loud. One starts talking, then someone talks louder, then another talks louder until everyone is shouting. Not in anger just to get a word in edge wise you have to shout.

It means lots of food, from traditional turkey and ham, to duck and moose. Romanian dishes I can’t pronounce but are so yummy to eat. There are some things that I pass on but there is always enough food to feed an army and then some.

It means board games with football in the background. After dinner my whole family plays dice or cards or board games till late in the night. Football is in the background but the main focus is the game at hand, oh and who is cheating.

It means leftovers. Remember enough food for army. Everyone is equipped when they leave with enough food to support their family for at least a week, I don’t mind as long as it’s the food I know I’ll eat it.

It means birthday pie, back to that Thanksgiving baby. November seems to have a bazillion birthdays in my family so by the time it gets to mine. NO MORE CAKE PLEASE, OH PLEASE NO. So I have become accustomed to having apple or pumpkin pie with candles in it, I get a song and presents they all get a dessert it works out fine.

Overall Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the little things, to be grateful for everything, and to celebrate with good people.