Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that just sort of comes and goes. I rarely do anything to get ready for it, nor do I spend much time celebrating it. For most Americans, Thanksgiving is about dinner and football. But at my house, things go a little differently.

At the Morgan house, Thanksgiving is about dinner and dart guns!

Granted, this usually causes a fight, or hurt feelings, but it's a lot of fun up until that point! And really, what other day of the year can you and the kids load up your Nerf guns and shoot at grandma as she tries to make pumpkin pie?

Have fun this Thanksgiving and do something childish with your kids. Make a fort in the living room. Flick mashed potatoes at Uncle Karl. Just have fun with your family. This is the last low-stress holiday you get until New Year's Eve.

Happy Thanksgiving, and watch out for flying darts!