With all the talk about Taylor Swift's new song being country or not country, it got me to thinking:  What makes a country song a country song?  There's no doubt that country music has evolved over the years.

While you can listen to guys like Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Tim Mcgraw and Eric Church and hear the influence of the greats like  George Strait, Hank Sr. and Waylon Jennings, there's no denying that music has changed.

I suppose the only correct conclusion you can make is the one that you arrive at.  After all, when it comes to taste in music, only you can decide what's right for you, right?  That doesn't mean we can't share some ideas about what we think makes country... well, country.

Several of you called The Morning Show and said that the beat of the music is what makes a song country.  Others said that it's the lyrics or the story that makes the grade.  Others said that is is the instruments and arrangement that make a song country.

Nancy posted a very thoughtful comment on our Facebook page

I think that's as close to the mark as any comment I've seen.  How does the song make you feel?  There's no doubt, that most country songs that I REALLY like, I enjoy because of how they make me feel when I listen.  Eric Church and "Springstean" make me think about being a kid again.  Toby Keith's "Angry American" still gets me riled up when I hear it.  And any song by Tim McGraw, Faith Hill or Kenny Chesney make me remember simpler times.

I think I could say that reading your comments can be just as good as listening to any country song.  I love music.  I love reading what you think about music.  It makes me feel good.  Thanks for sharing!