The big game is this weekend. Do you have anything planned? More importantly what are you going to make? I would really like to make something other than chips and salsa. I wish that I could make stadium food. According to The Post Game providing the food at the New Orleans Superdome for this Sunday's Super Bowl.  Here are four facts about the stadium food:

1.)  There will be more than 100 chefs and 1,000 servers working to provide food for the fans.

2.)  The most expensive food at the game is a Gulf shrimp cocktail . . . which will run you $30.

3.)  The cheapest food is a small order of nachos . . . which costs EIGHT BUCKS.

4.)  Fans at the game are expected to eat 10,000 pounds of Gulf shrimp . . . 700 gallons of gumbo . . . and 3,000 pounds of alligator sausage.

5.)  They'll also eat 6,000 pounds of rice . . . 150 gallons of spinach-artichoke dip . . . and 18,000 pounds of smoked pork.

I can defiantly make nachos but I don't think they are good enough to charge $8.00 for them.