Since Brad Weiser has come back from his Beaches Luxury Included Vacation for Everyone he has been complaining about his "food baby". Brad is not the only one.  AOL Jobs  reports that all Americans are getting chubbier, but office workers are REALLY getting chubbier. 

So, we need to place the blame SOMEWHERE, right?

 CareerBuilder just ran a survey asking workers what they feel is the biggest reason that they're gaining weight at the office.  And here are the results . . .

--36% say it's because they're sitting all day.

 --24% think it's the stress.

 --16% believe it's because they're always going out for lunch.

 --13% say it's because they skip meals with their time constraints.

 --And 12% say it's all the birthday cake, potlucks, celebrations, and free candy around the office.

 --Overall, 43% of the people surveyed say they've gained weight at their current job . . . only 18% say they're lighter now than when they started. 

Now that we have found the source of our "food babies", how do you get rid of them? Suggestions?