I walk my dog, Molly (left), every single day around the neighborhood here in Twin Falls.  She does NOT let me miss even just one day, even in the winter (barf)!  And occasionally, I'll notice a yellow ribbon tied around another dog walker's leash or dog's collar.  Have you seen one?

So what does the yellow ribbon mean?  They come from the Yellow Dog Project.  In short, it means "caution."  It means to give the dog plenty of space.  Not all dogs are people friendly.  Some are anxious, tense, or simply don't do well with children or other animals.

These are a great safety precaution, especially in Twin Falls where we have so many families and children who, like me, love animals and will not hesitate to run over to one.  And If your dog needs space when you walk, you can check out the Yellow Dog Project website for more info.

It's also a good reminder for the kids: if you see a yellow article on a dog's collar, do NOT approach!  Stay back and give it plenty of space.