I think we are all familiar with the TLC show Toddler and Tiars. I know some poeple are big fans of the show, while other people can't stand it.

I personally can't stand it, but every time I am flipping through the channels and I come across the show I have to stop and watch because I am disgusted at the parents and am curious as to why mothers would put stress on a 2 year old. I find the more I watch the show the more I want to punch some of the mothers in the face. On one episode I saw a dad poor an energy drink  into his 2 year old"s bottle, so that she could stay awake during competitions.

The other side of me wants to understand why parents would do this. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe the children on this show will be more successful than mine because they were forced into doing something with themselves before they were 12. This is hard for me to believe but if a pageant mom wanted to try and explain it to me I would listen to her, and then I would punch her in the face.