I've lived in five states: Wisconsin, Texas, Massachusetts, Iowa, and Idaho.  Each one has its own little peccadilloes, but Idaho has some pretty darn good ones.  Here are at least some of the weirdest laws in Idaho:

  • It is illegal to ride your bike on a park bench in Eagle.  Dang!
  • Cannibalism is illegal in Idaho unless it's for survival.  (What??)
  • Do NOT deny the bee inspector to inspect your bees.  For that is illegal.
  • By law, hogs "need not be fenced against."  Phew!
  • It is illegal to not smile in public in Pocatello.  The law was passed tongue in cheek in 1948 by Mayor George Phillips after an exceptionally severe winter, and has become something of a community celebration in Pokey.
  • Thinking about taking the family to bait a bear without a permit this weekend?  DENIED.
  • Don't even THINK about forgetting to ascertain safety from your single highway lane before switching!
  • Under no circumstances, are you ever, EVER, allowed to trap in or on a muskrat house.
  • Common barratry is certainly illegal.  Barratry means stirring up silly lawsuits.  I assume such a case would be settled in court?  "Excuse me, sir, I am summoning you with this subpoena for that frivolous lawsuit you brought the other day.  I'll see YOU in court!"  I think it's safe to assume that uncommon barratry is perfectly legal.
  • If you had the slightest inkling to incorporate your business without using conspicuous typeset practices like boldface, italics, or contrasting color at certain key moments in your documents... you'd better take a long, hard look at your priorities.
  • Planning on accepting an anatomical gift?  Good news, you can embalm it.
  • Musicians and singers are prohibited from loitering after their job is done.  "GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT YOU MUSICAL HOOLIGANS!"
  • No smoking allowed if you're 19.9 feet from a bowling alley entrance.  20.1 feet?  You're good.
  • In case you were wondering, the answer is no.  Different pizza toppings do not make those pizzas "distinctly different" from each other.

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