Earlier this morning, the city of Twin Falls asked us to conserve water by discontinuing irrigation and conserving water in every way possible.  That request has now escalated to a state of emergency.  One of the major concerns is that if Twin Falls were to run completely out of water, there would be no water to combat the fire.

The City of Twin Falls has lost electrical power to its primary water source at Blue Lakes
Springs. Due to this emergency, the City is able to generate only a small percentage of the
water required for normal activity in the City. An emergency is hereby declared, pursuant to
the Twin Falls City Code 7-8-12, and it is ordered that use of the City’s potable water system
is limited to domestic uses. This order is effective immediately, and all use of water for industrial
uses and irrigation is prohibited until further notice.

This declaration of emergency was signed by Twin Falls City Manager Travis Rothweiler at
7:20 a.m. Tuesday.