A student from Indiana University named Julian was one of the contestants on Friday's "Wheel of Fortune".  And he had a chance to win a Million Dollars after the wheel landed on the million-dollar prize.  All he had to do was solve the puzzle.

He should have aced puzzle because every single one of the letters were flipped over, and the answer was "Mythological Hero Achilles".

But he pronounced it "AY-chill-ess" and got squat.

You think that's bad?  A bit later he had a chance to win a CAR by solving the puzzle "World's Fastest Man".  And all but two letters in the word "Man" were exposed.  But somehow, he messed that up too.

And there was a puzzle where it was fairly obvious that the answer was "On-the-Spot Decision."  But he guessed "On-the-Spot DICE SPIN."

Here's the video.  If you want to skip to the good parts, He loses the million dollars at 1:36, the car at 4:33, and the "dice spin" guess is at 5:30.)