Meet Porter: The World's First Driving Dog. To prove that shelter animals are smart, awesome, and would make a wonderful addition to any family, the SPCA in New Zealand taught three dogs how to drive a Mini.

From the SPCA's Website:

Dogs this smart deserve a home. Every year, the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) need to find homes for thousands of dogs just like Porter -- dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or just forgotten. Our dogs may be a motley bunch, but they're all smart and they're all lovable.

Much like modern fighter pilots, the dogs were trained in a simulator, and then drove a specially modified Mini on a test track.

This video and Porter the Dog is awesome!

I love my Border Collie Robbie, he's one of my best friends, but would I trust him to drive? I think I'm going to teach him to drive my Mustang tonight. If you live in Buhl... you might want to stay indoors.