I was feeling pretty bad for myself when I saw that my BBQ grill had been blown over by the wind storm that struck the Magic Valley until I heard about ALL of the power outages across that valley. Not to mention the rumor that a tree had fallen on an elementary school!!

Magicvalley.com reported at least 600 outages in the Rupert area, 1,713 outages in the Jerome area, 113 outages in the Burley area, 126 outages in the Hailey area, over 1,500 outages in the Wendell and Hagerman area and other outages throughout the Magic Valley.  Trees and power lines have been reported down in much of the area.

Thankfully, the wind has finally calmed down. I am thinking it is time to weld my BBQ grill, dog and lawn furniture to the fence so that I am prepared for the next "breezy" day in Twin Falls.