Last night (Sept. 23) at close to 8:30 pm, my wife and I were standing by the front door with the kids when we heard a loud rumbling and then watched our screen door shake. Was it an earthquake?

The United States Geolocial Survey (USGS), them men and women who track quakes here in the States and around the world, say "no." There were no earthquakes recorded at the USGS in Southern Idaho last night.

People all over the Magic Valley reported feeling and hearing the rumbling and shaking at the same time. As soon as it was over Facebook lit up with mentions of the rumbling. Our Sales Manager felt it in Filer, Kelly Klaas felt it in Twin Falls, and I even saw people talking about it in Kimberly.

So what was it?

There were multiple earthquakes in Yellowstone yesterday and today, a few small ones in Northern Utah, Nevada, and numerous ones in Nevada, but so far nothing has been verified in Idaho.

I think it was an earthquake. What do you think it was?