If you grocery shop like I do, you shop the day after pay day. This seems like it would be a great plan until you get to the store and realize that everyone else had the same plan. You end up spending 20 minutes in the parking lot because you can't find find an empty spot or you can stalk someone that is leaving and take their parking spot. Stalking someone for their parking spot is OK but I think some ground rules need to be set:

1. You can't drive behind someone while they push their cart back to their car

2. You can't wait in your car, with your flashers on, while someone puts their groceries in their car

3. You can't block the parking lot while waiting for a parking spot

4. You can't parking lot stalk someone for more than 1 minute

For me the only time it's OK to parking lot stalk someone is if they are in their car and getting ready to back out...but I could be wrong.