SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP/KLIX) — A new report shows the percentage of Utah residents with some kind of Internet access is the highest rate in the country. The U.S. Census Bureau report Internet use in the United States was released Monday and is based on data from 2011, the most recent year available.

The report found that only 7.5 percent of Utah residents have no access to the Internet, the lowest rate in the nation. The report also found more than 27 percent of Utah residents are what the bureau calls "highly connected," meaning they can access the Internet from multiple devices, at home and at other locations. Where does Idaho fit in?

A little more than 22 percent of people in the state have access to the internet from multiple devices. Eleven percent of people in Idaho do not have access to the internet. The Gem State is ranked significantly lower than the national average for highly connected individuals. The Salt Lake Tribune reports the national average was more than twice as high at 15.9 percent.