Last night my wife and I went out with some friends for dinner.  At one point during conversation, the ladies got up at the same time to use the restroom.  It seemed like very 'standard operating proceedure'.  I've seen it a million times and while I've questioned it once or twice, I've learned that it's just 'one of those things' that I'll never quite understand.

Later in the evening, I got up to excuse myself when my friend stood up from the table as well.  I immediately stopped.  "What are you doing"? I asked.  He replied very matter-of-fact:  "I'm going to the bathroom."


The conversation continued as I tried to explain that while it's perfectly acceptable to be in a public restroom at the same time, it is NOT okay (with me) to go in together.  Wait until I come back.  Wait 30 seconds, then follow.  I don't care.  Just don't walk in with me.

After some discussion and debate this morning, it seems I'm not completely alone; although there are plenty of men, usually truckers, that suggest that I have some kind of hang-up and that it's perfectly fine to walk into the bathroom side by side with a good buddy.

Which brings me to my #2 rule.  (No pun).  NO TALKING!   I hate it when someone tries to strike up a conversation in a bathroom.   The only place I think it's maybe okay to strike up a conversation is at the sink.   Keep reading after the jump for this mornings audio and to take our poll.

Maybe I'm just uptight?  Here's what you had to say on the show today:

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