Bad customer service happens to us all, but I am not sure I have ever left a place of business because of bad service.

According to a new survey by "Consumer Reports" from PR Newswire, two out of three people say they've walked out of a store because of bad customer service in the past year alone.

Two-thirds have also hung up during a customer support call because they were stuck on hold or not getting the help they needed. I am surprised that this isn't higher, it seems like I always get bad service when using telephone customer service.

But when it comes to in-store complaints, people say RUDE or pushy salespeople are actually worse than no salespeople at all.

The thing people complain about the least are long lines at the register.

On the phone, the biggest complaint by far is how hard it is to get an actual human on the phone.

The thing that gets the fewest complaints is . . . a company that has bad taste in its hold music.

Have you ever left a store because of bad service?