I'm guilty, just kidding.  That's basically what 49-year-old Tina Deane of Twin Falls said in court this past Monday.

The Times-News Reports that Tina Deane said:

“I would like to take back my plea because one - I’m not guilty,” Deane said. “I will lose my son and I will lose my SSI.”

She is in court because police say that she (Tina Deane)

allowed her 10-year-old son to live in a home filled with drugs, drug paraphernalia and animal feces.

So is she in fact innocent?  When police found drugs in her home, her response was this:

Deane told police she did not know how any of the illegal items got into her room, a police report says.


Because she has retracted her guilty plea, her plea bargain has been wiped.  Read the full story from the Times-News here.