The Twin Falls City Police Department have released an update on the state of the city as Twin Falls begins to recover from Wednesday's flooding.

Twin Falls City officials are busy assessing the effects of the thunderstorms this week. Public works employees will be checking manhole covers in the most severely affected are-as and monitoring waterways and roadways, most of which are open and dry at this time. There is still standing water on Cheney west of Washington, and Heyburn and Maurice is still barricaded. The Canyon Springs grade is being cleared this morning and may be open later today barring any structural damage. Walking trails will remain closed at this time.

Thanks to the Canal Company’s efforts in closing multiple head gates, the water has re-ceded from many flooded areas and homes. Those residents with pressurized irrigation will want to shut their systems off temporarily as no water will available for a few days.
We want to remind parents to keep children out of the water. As tempting as the water may seem, there are still many hazards present. Water is running swiftly through the coulees, the water in the retention areas may be deep with slippery conditions, and the wa-ter is not clean. We want all of the kids in our community to be safe.

The American Red Cross reports housing three families last night due to flooding. There are a handful of homes that experienced severe flooding and many with minor water dam-age. City officials are pleased overall with the infrastructure’s ability to handle this storm. The wastewater collection and treatment systems managed the surge of excess wa-ter with relatively few issues.

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