I've heard about this legend since I was a kid.  At the top of the former "Singing Bridge" in Twin Falls, you might have noticed there is a staircase.  According the the legend, somewhere near the base of this staircase are faces carved into stone.

Nobody has ever been able to tell me exactly what the faces are but every version of the story I have heard, shares a common theme.  There was a whack-o who killed some children and the faces are either a memorial to his victims, the actual victims encased in concrete or their spirits etched into the stone where they spent the final moments of their life.

Your stories on the show today fell pretty much in line with all the different variations I've heard.

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I climbed down the stairs when I was a kid but never actually saw the faces myself.

I did some research and found this article on Paranormal Research in Twin Falls myspace blog.  It contains what seem to be pictures from the site.  I can tell you, the photos seem legit.  Those are the stairs by the bridge.  And while I've n ever seen it myself, that does appear to be an impression of a face at the base of the stairs.

They even have a little background on the legend that I've never seen before that makes for an interesting read.  (Although they don't seem to be able to substantiate the claims either.)