Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) Could another jump across the Snake River Canyon be in Twin Falls Future? Possibly. September 8th, 1974 is the day that put the city of Twin Falls on the map. That was the day Evel Knievel failed to cross the Snake River Canyon on his infamous rocket cycle.

Idaho’s First News reports for years now, thrill seekers have approached the city and asked for permission to complete the jump. But with the north side of the canyon resting in State hands, the jump was never the issue... The landing was. The north side of the canyon is controlled by the Idaho Department of Lands. And getting permission to lease that land has always been a problem.

But with the 40th anniversary less than a year away... 5 dedicated groups have made it thought the red tape and are now looking at the city for the green light. On Monday the City Council decided it was time to take the possibility of a new jump to the next level. “I think there is a tremendous opportunity for us to take advantage of this kind of thing and really put… “LEAVE” Twin Falls on the map. That is the best way to put it.” Said Twin Falls City Council Member Shawn Barigar .

The city will now start the process of taking on the logistics of actually putting an event like this together. With the original event capturing headlines worldwide... a 40th anniversary jump could mean a huge impact for the city of Twin Falls and surrounding economies.