It’s that time of year again! We devote a whole day to humility and gratitude, giving thanks for friends, family, and food. Then, almost without warning…BAM! Get out of the way, that fifty-dollar 150” flat screen is MINE! (Oh, don’t give me that! You know perfectly well that if a 150” flat screen was on sale for $50, you’d be all over that.) Yes, it’s Black Friday…Black Friday, awesome buys Black Friday! Someone should write a song about that. Anyway, there are some who look forward to the festivities of this day more so than the actual holiday it is they’re shopping for. If you’re a Black Friday participant, you know all too well that the coveted Door Buster ads don’t usually hit news stands until Thanksgiving Day. But why wait?! We have our ways of getting our hands on information of such value. I present to you, the Top 5 Black Friday Deals in Twin Falls. You’re welcome.

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    We all know that Costco is awesome all year round, but the Black Friday deals are extra crazy awesome! How about getting $180 off of a 17.3” Dell laptop, or $250 off a 15.6” HP Blu-Ray laptop? Surprise your little ladies this Christmas with a Kid-Kraft Majestic Mansion doll house, and save $40. Need to work off all of the holiday meals? Get $200 off an Epic EL 1710 elliptical! And how about taking $400 off multi-stone round diamond earrings? I’m thinking yes! And speaking of jewelry, any guys out there want to pop the question to a special someone? Hit up Costco on Black Friday for a whopping $500 off a princess cut & round diamond round ring! Costco also has some great deals on desktop computers, furniture, clothing, and other electronics, so you don’t want to miss out! Doors open at 9am.

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    Oh Walmart, you never cease to offer the savings. This year, they’re giving shoppers not, one, not two, but three opportunities to save during the Black Friday festivities. First, starting at 10pm on Turkey Day Thursday, save big on toys & more (goes through Friday while supplies last). Next, at 12 o’clock midnight on Black Friday, it’s electronic time! And finally, at 8am Black Friday time, it’s a whole new round of electronics. What can you find during the Thursday 10pm sale? The Wii Limited Edition Blue Console for $99.96, the Xbox 360 with Kinect for $199.96 (buy it and get a $50 Walmart gift card too!), $10-$28 video games for all consoles, DVDs starting at $1.96 and Blu-rays starting at $5, bicycles for the whole family ranging from $29-$99, board games starting at $3.88, $20 Fisher Price sets, $5 Barbies, Bratz, & Hot Wheels, and Black & Decker appliances for $9.44! What about the midnight electronics sale? A $79 Amazon Kindle, an $89 LG wi-fi Blu-ray player, complete with Netflix & YouTube, a $69 Magellan GPS, $19.99 MP3 players, $49 Kodak cameras, and a 15.6” Compaq laptop for $198. Doors open at – well, technically, they’re always open. But 10pm Thursday, midnight and 8am Friday are the times you’ll want to remember. (Walmart also has a fairly large selection of Black Friday deals you can only find at, so check it out!)

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    Target. What a place! Everyone knows Target always delivers on the Black Friday deals. It’s a solid and safe choice for excellent deals. Get a 46” Westinghouse HDTV for $298, a $277.99 Samsung 32” HDTV, an Xbox 360 for just $139.99, $13 DVDs (“Cars 2” & ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon” included!), $55 RCA portable DVD players, a $79.99 Sony Blu-ray player (streams Netflix), Acer netbooks for $157, Casio Electronic 61-Key Keyboard for only $59, DVDs starting at $1.99, and TV shows on DVD starting at $7.99. Are you tired of the electronics yet? Well, move on to the toy aisle for a bit and pick up the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection 7-Doll Set for just $39.99, or a New Bright Harley Davidson remote control truck for just $18.99! Want your little ones to make some noise this Christmas? Buy them the $49.99 First Act Discovery Drum Set Learning System! (Hey, maybe they’ll become a famous drummer one day and then you can buy entire stores on Black Friday. It’s possible.) Grab a $20 Razor scooter and scoot on over to the appliances, where you can find a Mr. Coffee Keurig for just $79.99 – plus, it comes with a $30 Target gift card! Target’s historically been my first stop on the Black Friday map, and it’s definitely worthy of a spot on yours too! Doors open at midnight.

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    Good golly gee, everyone LOVES Best Buy on Black Friday. Why? Because everyone wants the kick-A electronic deals on Black Friday, and everyone knows that Best Buy has them all. I’ll list a few: Spend $199.99 on a 42” Sharp HDTV, get the brand new “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” Blu-ray for $9.99 (the DVD is $6.99!), spend $199.99 PlayStation3, $79.99 on a 24” Dynex HDTV, a 50” Panasonic HDTV for $599.99, a $100 iTunes gift card for only $80, a $24.99 HP Deskjet all-in-one printer…the list goes on. Also, find 99-cent DVDs, and not just lame ones that nobody wants; we’re talking legit DVDs here! Blu-rays for $4.99 – also not the lame ones! “Inception,” anyone? “The Dark Knight?” I rest my case. Check out TV shows on DVD ranging in price from $8.99-18.99, and a $99.99 iPhone. Best Buy has got it going on, people. Hit this place up. Best Buy’s also been known to hand out some freebies or extra special coupons to people standing in line, so you may want to get their extra early. They have a 36-page Black Friday ad, so definitely worth a look-see. Doors open at midnight.

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    Macy’s is known for their awesome Black Friday sales, and this year is no exception. How about a 25-piece Tools of the Trade Cookright Cookware set for just $49.99! Grab their add Thursday for great coupons too, including one for 15% off select clearance apparel and tons of 20% off apparel coupons! Also check out their $249 Queen 2-piece mattress set, $49.99 7-piece comforter set of your choice, and finally plan that getaway with a 5-piece Tag Fairfield luggage set for only $49.99! Now, I’d love to keep giving you all the details on Macy’s Black Friday deals, but get this: their Black Friday ad is an unbelievable 88 pages long! I can’t guarantee that in your Thanksgiving Day newspaper, you’ll get all 88 pages, but online…wow. Just, wow! If you know anything about Macy’s, you know they’re the original department store – they have sales on clothing stuff, kitchen stuff, home stuff, jewelry stuff, travel stuff…the list goes on. There’s something in there for everyone, and their ridiculously HUGE ad is the main reason I gave Macy’s the #1 spot on this year’s Top 5 Black Friday Deals in Twin Falls list. Doors open at midnight.