Want your next child to grow up to be a CEO?  Or, are you wondering if you're CEO material?  Well . . . it could all be connected to your name.

LinkedIn wanted to figure out which names are most commonly associated with being the CEO of a company, so they studied data from all their users . . . which is basically every businessperson in the world.

For men, the most common CEO name is . . . PETER.  The rest of the top five are:  Bob, Jack, Bruce, and Fred.

For women, the most common CEO name is . . . DEBORAH.  The rest of the top five goes:  Sally, Debra, Cynthia, and Carolyn.

The study also found the most common names for people in law enforcement, human resources, and athletics.

For law enforcement, the top five is Billy, Darrell, Pete, Rodney, and Troy.  For HR, it's Emma, Katie, Claire, Jennifer, and Natalie.  And for athletics, it's Ryan, Matt, Jessica, Matthew, and Jason.

The study was done by Mashable, and also found that the overwhelming majority of CEOs have names that are three, four, or five letters long.  Most salespeople have four-letter names . . . engineers have six-letter names . . . and restaurant owners have the longest names.