We all struggle with certain issues with our kids. According to Lynn News here are the top 50 challenges parents face.  Ya know, 50 of the EIGHT BILLION.  Here's the top 10 . . .

1.)  Sleepless nights.

2.)  Tantrums.

3.)  Having patience.

4.)  Keeping on top of the household chores.

5.)  Getting kids to eat the right foods.

6.)  Potty training.

7.)  Sibling rivalry.

8.)  Juggling childcare.

9.)  Giving your child what they want without spoiling them.

10.)  Getting kids to clean their teeth property.

Some of the other highlights of the list are handling your child's first day at school . . . other competitive parents . . . monitoring what your kids see online . . . having the sex talk . . . and knowing how to react when your kid drops their first F-bomb. 

(--You can see all 50 here.)