I think my family and I have been to Lagoon almost every year for the last thirteen years.  We usually go in July or August and we have a great time.  I know it's not quite as large as Disney, Universal or one of the other major theme parks but they have some pretty great rides and it's close to home.

It's also easy on the budget.  If you live in Twin Falls, you could leave early in the morning, spend the entire day and return in the evening and not have to spend the night if you don't want to.

As many times as we've been to Lagoon, I have never visited in September.  After my trip this weekend, I'm not sure that I will ever do it any other way.  Here's why:

1.  It's not so dang hot.  It can be miserable standing in 100 degree heat while you wait on line for an hour.

2.  There are no lines in September.  I'm exaggerating a bit but the wait is considerably reduced.  Just look at my photo gallery and you'll notice that there aren't as many people as you'd see during peak season.  There were several times where my son and I were able to get off a ride and casually walk back around to wind up at the front of the line again.  Even the newer, more popular rides had very little wait time.

3.  Frightmares makes it more fun.  During September and October, Lagoon is all about Halloween.  It's like getting two theme parks for the price of one.  Not only can you enjoy all the rides, Lagoon also hosts several haunted houses you can go through with your family.  Each haunted house comes with it's very own "scare meter" so you can choose the right scare factor for your kids.

Bottom line:  If you ever make plans to go to Lagoon, consider September.  You won't regret it.