Not that you don't already have enough to worry about, but here are three more to add to your list.

1.  Your Boss Is Ruining Your Life.  A new study from Science Nordic has found the main thing that makes people depressed at work is: a bad boss. A heavy workload has no negative effect on your happiness.

2.  Good-Looking People Mess With Your Memory.  A new study from NBC News found that people will lie about their memories and their history to try to impress good looking people. But we're so adamant about impressing good-looking people, that eventually we actually can't remember the difference between our lies and what really happened.  So, good-looking people legitimately screw with your memory.

3.  Halloween Colored Contacts Can Make You Blind.  If you're thinking of wearing colored contacts on Halloween to be a lizard or something here's your requisite warning. They can be very dangerous. Since the contacts aren't fitted to your eye by an optometrist--and can be made from cheap materials--they can cause all sorts of eye problems, and in extreme cases, blindness.