Beloit College in Wisconsin has released their list of things that incoming college freshmen are too young to know.  This year is the class of 2016, and they were born in 1994.  That means Kurt Cobain, Jackie O, and Richard Nixon have always been dead for them, they've never seen an actual airplane ticket and they don't know why you click a floppy disc icon to save files.Here are a few other things they don't know.

  • They've never had to carry their luggage, they've always rolled it.
  • They've never had to use an encyclopedia.
  • They've always had BLUE M&Ms . . . and NEVER had tan ones.
  • They've never known life without the History Channel.
  • "The Real World" has ALWAYS been on the air.
  • They know Mike Myers as the voice of "Shrek", not 'Wayne' . . . and Eddie Murphy has always been 'Donkey', not a "Beverly Hills Cop".

Now... Go grab yourself some pudding, watch Matlock and get in a good nap.  Which brings up another dated reference.  I'm betting the class of 2016 has no idea who the heck Matlock is.


Originally posted on August 22nd, 2012