Type in the search string "things men should stop doing" and you'll be inundated with page after page filled with articles about things women feel men should stop doing. Most of these are so basic and have been around for so long that I'm certain the first article could have been written by Eve. As I read these I can only help thinking how grossly stereotypical they are, and I wonder if they even really pertain to men anymore beyond their vague generalities. So I've chosen the top search result and have prepared my rebuttal.

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    Playing, Talking Or living Your Life Solely Based On Video Games

    From the Article: "Wake up guys, you are a big boy now with big boy bills and problems. It’s ok to play video games once and a while, but if my Friday and Saturday nights are filled with shoot ‘em up games… Maybe I should be with someone else."

    Terry's Rebuttal: Perhaps you should be with someone else who's interests more closely match yours. I'm not much of a gamer, but I have enjoyed some quiet time with my iPad playing 'Bejeweled' or 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Games can be a great way to relax and process the day's events. Everything in moderation, but there is nothing wrong with playing video games.

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    Not Doing Enough Around The House

    From the article: "Stop expecting women to be superheroes and clean up after yourselves."

    Terry's Rebuttal: This is so stereotypical it infuriates me. In my house I handle the majority of the cleaning, dishes, I help with laundry, and I cook between 50 to 60% of the time for the family. Most of the married guys I know handle a portion of the cleaning and cooking, if not doing all of it. I'm the one harping on my kids to clean their rooms, making my wife pick up her shoes and stuff scattered around, and cleaning up after the family. So why don't you stop insinuating that men are lazy and dirty.

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    Not Messaging Us Back

    From the Article: "Whether its texting, bbm, aim or email, playing cat and mouse gets a little old."

    Terry's Rebuttal: Messaging is so ubiquitous now that there are a million ways to contact someone. But the nice thing about messaging is that it can wait until it's convenient for you to respond. So here's a nice suggestion: stop expecting us to text you back instantly. We may be in a meeting, driving, or somewhere we can't message, but we will text you back as soon as we can. I will extend you the same courtesy.

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    Having A Constant Tough Guy Persona

    From the Article: "So relax, don’t be a big bully and stop putting on an act."

    Terry's Rebuttal: Listen, in most cases, guys have to be tough. We have to deal with the things that the rest of the family doesn't want to. That list extends from people to chores, but guys are required by society to be the strong physical and emotional anchors of a family. So I say be damned proud of your tough guy, because he's strong enough to take care of you.

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    Not Eating Right

    From the Article: "A proper diet consists of more than meats and carbohydrates."

    Terry's Rebuttal: Okay, I'm guilty of this one. I hate salads. I just hate them. Give me steak and potatoes or a cheeseburger any day. I really should eat better, but after a long day of work, taking care of the family, and cleaning, I feel I've earned the right to eat whatever I want.

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    Only Saying Sorry, When She Says You Should

    From the Article: "You’re not a kid anymore and you should know when you’re wrong. So suck it up and say the words."

    Terry's Rebuttal: This response has two parts. A) Men, you should always apologize if you're in the wrong, but B) Ladies, don't expect us to read your mind if you're angry at us. I can't apologize for something I don't realize I did. Just tell me what I did and I'll make it right.