Sometimes I dream about what surgery I would have done if I could afford plastic surgery...I think most girls dream about this and apparently so do guys.

A study from EIN News found there's been a huge jump in the number of men over 55 getting plastic surgery, and the overwhelming majority of those men have something in common.

They are in a relationship with a younger women.

There's been a 102% increase in men over 55 getting plastic surgery.  One out of every three men who get cosmetic surgery falls into that age group.

And 67% of them, or two-thirds, are dating or married to a woman at least TEN YEARS younger than them.

The three most common cosmetic surgeries for men over 55 are removing the bags under their eyes . . . facelifts . . . and MAN-BOOB REMOVAL.

If you could get FREE plastic surgery would you?