According to a new study by Time, having a good, satisfying relationship is EASY.  All you've got to do is pay the bills on time and pay attention to how much your partner WEIGHS.

 Dr. Robert Epstein is a psychologist from Harvard, and he just finished up a study that found there are really only TWO keys to a good relationship:  Knowledge and life skills. 

Knowledge includes things like your partner's likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, and yes, their weight and clothing sizes.

Life skills include things like paying the bills on time and managing stress. 

If you both focus on knowledge and life skills, you'll be SHOCKED at how much better your relationship will get and how satisfied you'll both be.

Epstein says the one you have to stay the most updated on is your partner's hopes and dreams.  Those change and shift a lot, but if you know what they are, you can be more supportive . . . and understand your partner's behavior better.