A new survey from the Daily Mail came up with the most ridiculous first world problems people regularly complain about.  Here are the 10 best . . . 

1.  It's hot outside but freezing inside because of the air conditioning.

2.  My personal trainer is on vacation so I have to work out alone. 

3.  My wallet is too thick from all the cash in it.

4.  My dishwasher takes too long to load and unload. 

5.  My headphone cord always gets tangled up in my bag.

6.  My cleaning lady took the day off. 

7.  I'm upset because someone is wearing the same outfit as me.

8.  We really need another car but don't have room in the driveway. 

9.  I don't have fresh batteries for the remote so I have to change channels by hand.

10.  I updated my cell phone and lost my contacts.