If you watched the game with a big group of friends yesterday, then you probably hung out with at least SOME of the people on this list. According to FunnyOrDie.com, there are ten kinds of people at every Super Bowl party.

#1.)  The Person Who's Way Too Excited About the Halftime Show.  It's just choreographed lip-synching.  But this is the person who cares more about Madonna's mash-up with LMFAO than the crazy finish in the fourth quarter.

#2.)  The Person Who Cared More About the Ads Than the Game.  They're the one who didn't talk much during the actual football, but then cracked up at every half-decent commercial . . . even if they'd already seen it on YouTube.

 #3.)  The Serious Gambler.  A lot of people put bets down on the game.  But the SERIOUS gambler was the one glued to their cell phone the whole time . . . always either celebrating or swearing.

 #4.)  The Football "Expert."  He's the guy who used to play in high school, and felt the need to break down each play for everyone else.

#5.)  The Single Girl Who Pretended to Love Football Just So the Guys Would Like Her.  She probably knew who Tom Brady and Eli Manning were, but that's it.  And she pretended to be interested in whatever the football "expert" had to say.

 #6.)  The Socially Awkward Guy Who Tried Too Hard.  He's basically the male equivalent of the single girl:  He didn't know anything about football, but wanted to fit in.  So he yelled out on big plays . . . but it always seemed forced.

#7.)  The Person Who Mainly Came for the Food.  Chances are they spent a lot of time out by the grill.  Or they took one of the prime seats on the couch . . . but only to be close to the snacks.

#8.)  The Guy Who Said HIS Team Is Just One Draft Pick Away from Next Year's Super Bowl.  Even if they were 4 and 12 this year, he's sure that one key player could turn it around. 

#9.)  The Guy Who Disagreed with Whatever the Broadcasters Said.  Even if they were right, he'd find something to disagree with.

#10.)  The Guy Who Insisted on High-Fiving Everyone After a Big Play.  And not just the people sitting next to him.  He actually stood up and walked across the room to make sure he got everyone.