There's a new article on about the best-paying, most-in-demand jobs out there. The people in them have a lower unemployment rate than average, and more job opportunities should open up in the next few years. --Obviously you won't be able to go out and get any of these jobs if you aren't qualified. But BECOMING qualified might not be a bad idea.

1.) Certified Financial Planners. There's been a surge in the industry because of the economy. With a bachelor's degree, certification, and a few years experience, a financial planner can make around $90,000 a year.

2.) Biomedical Engineers. You need a bachelor's degree that's heavy in physics, biology, math, and engineering. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's expected to be the fastest-growing job between now and 2018.

After five to seven years of experience, the median salary is just over $81,000.

3.) Marketing Consultants. Some are self-employed, some work at ad firms, and some work in marketing departments for corporations. Most only have a bachelor's degree, and after five years of experience, the median salary is more than $87,000.

4.) Physician Assistants. They usually have a master's degree, and you have to get licensed. But once you do, you can expect to make around $92,000 a year.

5.) IT Security Consultants. They do things like securing Wi-Fi networks and encrypting hard drives for businesses. The median annual income after five-to-seven years of experience is just under $100,000.

6.) Actuaries. It's the job Edward Norton's character has in "Fight Club". An actuary works for an insurance company, and calculates the odds of different disasters . . . like house fires and hurricanes.

Then the insurance company uses that information to set their rates. You need a bachelor's degree, and have to get certified. But after five years of experience, you can expect to make around $140,000 a year. (