Everything happens faster in the digital age:  BETTY WHITE went from "Golden Girls" has-been to "SNL" host in five months . . . the homeless guy with the radio voice blew his second chance in record time . . . and, well, CHARLIE SHEEN.

So it's not really surprising that couples are getting sick of each OTHER quicker than ever now, too.

The old rule of thumb was that couples got the "seven-year itch":  Around the seven-year mark in a relationship, you begin to take each other for granted and your eye might start wandering.

According to a new survey, that's now down to THREE YEARS.

67% of people who are in three-year-plus relationships say that small irritations that used to seem harmless are now major sources of annoyance.

People who are in shorter relationships say their partner gives them about three compliments a week.  After three years together, that drops down to one a week.

Via (Reuters)