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Everyone's had that moment after something happens and you think, "Man, I'm old."  That moment probably happened when you were, like, 29.  And now, you can't believe you thought you were old back THEN.

Here's a list from the website Buzzfeed of seven of the saddest undeniable signs that you're becoming a GROWN-UP.  Sorry. 

1.  You find yourself in constant conversations about buying homes, square footage, interest rates, and whether or not it's a good time to buy.

2.  You find yourself getting jealous of your friends' vacuum cleaners, knives, and coffee tables. 

3.  You stop sharing even remotely embarrassing things on Facebook.

4.  You understand you can't show up to a party empty-handed. 

5.  You make an effort to keep your place clean . . . even if you have a cleaning lady.

6.  You can't remember the last time you even considered asking your parents for money. 

7.  You cook something to bring to dinner parties, instead of just grabbing something from the grocery store on the way.