One of the greatest achievements in business history has to be bottled water.  Turning something free into a multi-billion-dollar industry?  Well . . . it looks like someone just figured out ANOTHER new way to sell you water.

According to a company called Anglesey Sea Salt has just developed SMOKED WATER.

They made it for a famous chef named Heston Blumenthal, to sell at his restaurant called The Fat Duck.

The water is smoked for four days over oak, which gives it a smoky smell and flavor.  Then it can be drank straight up, used in cooking, or used in cocktails. 

The Fat Duck isn't selling smoked water a la carte, but you can get it as part of a $311-per-person tasting menu.

If smoked water is selling for $311.00 per person I am going to start smoking water on my Treagar. No more lemonade stands for my kids...just smoked water.