Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you feel about the social media giant) Facebook is going to be around for a while. There are rumblings in the tech community of how Facebook will soon replace our dependence on email and become our go to source for all communications.

Facebook has become so ubiquitous that it actually has spawned its own phenomenon which I have dubbed the "I Like Cheese Facebook Phenomenon." Are you afflicted by it?

I Like Cheese?

Facebook is full of important moments: your wedding day, the birth of your children, your first car, and your first home, but it is also replete with utterly stupid status updates. For example:

  • crazy hiccups
  • Currently BULKING!
  • is at home
  • has now beat my record for people talked to on chat at once
  • OMG that weird show is on again
  • These fizzy sour straws taste likee crap
  • the last time i took a shower was april lol. i need to do that soon
  • night facebook/facebookers

Please note that I did not change or modify the grammar, punctuation, or capitalization of any of those Facebook status updates and they are, in fact, real, honest to goodness Facebook statuses.

And the biggest waste of space ever.

Posting something like that on Facebook is like walking into a crowded room filled with your friends and acquaintances and shouting "I like cheese!" Sure, some may laugh at the absurdity, but most will ignore you.

How Not To "Like Cheese"

This is an easy one: don't post every ten minutes on any social network. Over sharing leads to the internal filters coming down, your brain's edit button being switched off, and you posting "I like cheese." Your friends don't need to know what you're having for lunch, what soap you use, if you just burped, or how the fizzy sour straws taste.

Use Facebook for important life stuff, not mundane, pointless updates that you won't even remember in ten minutes.

And for goodness sake stop posting pictured of your feet and dinner. That's just gross.