Last week, McDonald's announced that starting in September, they're making Happy Meals healthier by adding apples and serving half as many French fries.

According to the website, the healthiest option is to nix the fries completely and go with chicken nuggets, apples and apple juice, which have a total of 380 calories.

If you get a cheeseburger instead and ask for just fries and NO apples, it's 700 calories.  Now, here's their list of the best and worst options for kids at nine other popular fast food restaurants.

#1.)  Subway. Even though some kids meals at other fast-food restaurants have fewer calories, they say Subway is the healthiest option, because it has the lowest AVERAGE number of calories for a kids meal.

The Veggie Delight sandwich meal with apples and low-fat milk has 345 calories, which is the lowest.

The kids meal with the most calories is the three-inch roast beef sandwich with apples and low-fat milk, which has 395.

#2.)  Burger King. The chicken tenders meal with apple fries and low-fat milk is the healthiest with 350 calories.  And they say the worst option is a hamburger with apple fries and apple juice, which has 430.

But obviously, if you add cheese, it's even worse.

#3.)  Taco Bell. All the kids meals come with cinnamon twists and a juice box, but the main course makes a big difference:  If you get it with a crunchy taco, it has 360 calories.  But with a bean burrito, it has 580.

#4.)  Chick-Fil-A. There's one kids option that has less calories than Subway's Veggie Delight meal . . . but that's because it includes a fruit cup, low-fat milk, and only ONE chicken strip.

The average kids meal at Chick-Fil-A has 441 calories, and the worst possible option is the chicken nugget meal with fries and low-fat chocolate milk, which has 660.

#5.) Kentucky Fried Chicken. The chicken strip meal with string cheese, corn, and a Capri Sun only has 280 calories.

But the average kids meal has 446.  And the worst option is the popcorn chicken meal with string cheese, potato wedges, and soda.  All totaled, it has 663 calories.

#6.)  Wendy's. The best option is chicken nuggets with apples and a soda and has 283 calories.  The worst option is the chicken sandwich with fries and a soda, which has 623.  The average kids meal at Wendy's has 502.