You can almost feel summer and we're all trying to get ready for shorts and swimsuits.  As if a couple weeks of good eating can undo 6 months of gravy and melted cheese.

If you're trying to be good and shed a few pounds before the weather turns really nice, here are some frozen dinners you might want to avoid.

#1.)  The Hot Pockets Calzone with Pepperoni. Here's a good rule of thumb:  The more ingredients something has, the worse it is for you.  And the Hot Pockets Calzone has over a HUNDRED ingredients.

#2.)  Kashi's Sweet and Sour Chicken. Most Kashi products are fairly healthy.  But this one is LOADED with sugar.  One serving has 25 grams of it, which is the same as two DONUTS.

#3.)  Banquet's Boneless Pork Ribs. The first red flag should be the way it's described on the box.  They call it a, quote, "shaped patty meal."

#4.)  Boston Market's Chicken Pot Pie. The kind they sell frozen at the grocery store has 780 calories and 48 grams of fat.  Just to put that in context, a Big Mac has 260 calories and 29 grams of fat.

#5.)  Totino's Party Pizza with Hamburger. One serving has 5 grams of trans fat, which raises your "bad" cholesterol and lowers you "good" cholesterol.