You can finally throw out all of your frayed, hole-ridden underwear... the good times are here again, baby! just put out a list of indicators that the economy is on the way back up, and the big one is that people are finally replacing their old underwear.  When the economy started tanking, underwear sales fell.  Now they've finally stabilized.

Here are some more of the signs that things are very slowly getting better . . .

People are buying desserts, appetizers, and Starbucks again. When money gets tight, people tend to order just entrees at restaurants and . . . like cavemen . . . brew their own coffee.  Now appetizers, desserts, and Starbucks are back.

Fewer depressing Google searches. The number of people Googling things like "unemployment benefits," "Social Security," and "unemployment office" spiked in July of 2010, and has been going down ever since.

People are golfing again. When the economy went down, so did the number of people playing golf around the country.  The number isn't going up again yet, but it's stopped going down.

Breast implants are back. Elective cosmetic surgery went way down during the recession . . . apparently most people deemed implants less important than paying the gas bill.  Now, breast implants, nose jobs, and lipo are going back up.

Via (Kiplinger)