The Catholic Church in the U.S. is having serious issues with supply-and-demand right now. Apparently, the DEVIL is possessing more people than ever . . . and they just don't have the fleet of EXORCISTS they need to fight back.

--According to the Catholic News Service, demand for exorcisms in the U.S. is HUGE. But there are only about five or six exorcists certified by the Catholic Church right now . . . and they can't get to everyone.

--So over the weekend, the Church held a special workshop in Baltimore, to get a bunch of new bishops and priests certified in exorcisms. Fifty-six bishops and 66 priests showed up.

--And the workshop wasn't just for training . . . it was to help the clergymen learn the signs that someone really DOES need an exorcism, not just psychiatric help.

--Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois organized the conference. He says the biggest signs that someone's possessed include speaking in tongues, feats of strength, a fear of Holy water, and cutting or biting the skin.

--The Church hasn't said WHY there's been a rise in exorcism requests lately. Yeah, the movie "The Last Exorcism" was a hit this year, but exorcism movies have been coming out regularly for decades, and it's never led to an increase before.

--Under the law of the Catholic Church, only priests who have been trained and certified can perform exorcisms, and even then they can only do it with permission from their bishop.