If you ask any parent, at least any good parent, they'll tell you the same thing:  Once you have kids, those kids OWN you.  And here's just how much they own you.

According to a new British survey, the average parent only has 93 minutes of free time a day.  And that's not 93 minutes in a row.  That's 93 minutes grabbing a few free minutes here, a few free minutes there.

Here's how the average parent's day broke down in the survey:

Getting showered, dressed, and eating in the morning:  55 minutes.

Getting the kids ready:  47 minutes.

Commuting:  52 minutes.

Working:  Eight hours, 12 minutes.

Picking up the kids:  33 minutes.

Making and eating dinner:  46 minutes.

Hanging with the kids, then putting them to bed:  One hour, nine minutes.

Household chores:  One hour, 13 minutes.

Added up, that's 867 minutes.  Assuming you sleep eight hours, you have 960 total minutes in the day . . . and 93 of those aren't scheduled.  (New York Times)