You can find just about anything on Craigslist, so why not a job? While it's true that Craigslist can be a valuable resource for job hunting, it does have its share of really weird jobs. Here are the four strangest Twin Falls jobs I could find on Craigslist, and one that gives me the hebie-jeebies.

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    It's hard to know exactly what this job is--the super descriptive headline not withstanding--but it has something to do with computers and social networking. That could mean Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... or posting more of these strange job listings on Craigslist. It's cyclical! Would you send info to this person?

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    My wife loves the show "Dog the Bounty Hunter." I think it hurts your soul, but it does make you feel better about your life in general. Plus Dog has some wicked cool hair. How would you like to be a bounty hunter? This could be your chance. Surety Solutions is looking for an entry level professionals to join their Fugitive Apprehension Specialist Team. Do I get my own handcuffs and taser?

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    Coffee Expansion

    I didn't know that coffee needed anymore expansion. Perhaps this job tries to shoehorn another Starbucks into town, or literally expands your cup of coffee? Coffee Expansion is a big deal though. Serious calls only. I think you should call and ask how big they can expand your coffee to. Are we talking feet here?

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    Teach & Travel in China

    Apparently there are great teaching jobs in China for Americans who do not speak Chinese. Seriously. This job will even give you FREE Chinese lessons so that you can travel abroad and teach. There is no job on Earth that is so desperate it will take people with no experience, no capability to speak the language, and hire them. Do not respond to this posting. Ever.

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    Seeking beautiful young women eager to start a career in films

    This is easily the most terrifying job I found on Craigslist. First of all, as the father of a beautiful girl, this post makes me a little sick inside. I think I know exactly what kind of "films" they are going to be producing. This company wants to shoot films here, but they will only be shown abroad. They are only looking for girls ages 18 to 25 who have a "open mind," and you have to sign a document that gives the company legal rights to your likeness for promotion, images, and packaging. Don't ever let your daughter sign this.