I love writing about technology, so I've decided to use my tech writing powers for good and shine some light on the more common tech myths. These are myths that you've all probably heard, and in a lot of cases took to as fact. So here at Terry's Tech Support I'll try to take the myth out of Tech Myths.

Do Better Hardware Specs Equal Better Gadgets?

We all do it: Apple announces the new iDevice and we all have to rush to the store to get it! But is the latest and greatest hardware really better than what you have?

"Better" is such a subjective term and the short answer is no. The honest truth is that if you have a current or previous generation smartphone, you probably have everything you need hardware-wise. Sure, it's nice to think that the magical iPhone 5 will make our lives better but it really won't.

Processors have more power than most users will ever need, and phones come out so often that by the time your dream phone comes out, another one will have already been announced. There are some exceptions of course--if you have a Blackberry burn it--but for the most part you don't really need that next upgrade, even if Apple tells you so.