I don't know about you, but I seem to be accumulating cloud drives. It all started with two free gigabytes of storage from Dropbox, then 5 from Google Drive, 50 gigabytes from Box, and then there was no stopping me. I currently have over 80 GB of storage spread over six cloud drives, and files stuffed everywhere.

I needed an app to combine all of those cloud drives. I found it. It's called "Documents by Readdle" and it's free for your iPad.

Here's the cloud drives I've collected so far:


Microsoft SkyDrive 7 GB
Dropbox 9.4 GB
Apple iCloud 5 GB
Box 50 GB
Google Drive 5 GB
Cubby 5 GB
Total 81.4 GB

I tend to use my Dropbox for pretty much everything. It's my go to cloud drive since it connects with just about every app I use and it has the amazing desktop sync feature. Box is more cumbersome to use, but they gave me 50 GB of space free for life.

But now I have files spread out over six cloud drives and there's no real easy way to get at all of them on my iPhone or iPad. Documents by Readdle solves that problem. The app connects with all of your favorite cloud drives and gives you instant access to all of your files and documents.

And Documents by Readdle is a fairly robust app. Readdle allows you to transfer files across services, upload files from your computer to your iPad, listen to MP3s, watch videos, read and edit documents, and a lot more from within the app. And it's free.

So keep collecting those cloud services! You can corral them with Documents by Readdle.

Documents by Readdle

By Readdle

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