Long time readers know how big of a fan of Bear Grylls I am. He served in Special Forces, broke his back on a parachute jump that went very badly, learned how to walk again, and then climbed Mount Everest. He hosted 'Man Vs. Wild' on the Discovery Channel for years, and now travels the world as a motivational speaker. He's incredible.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Bear Grylls on one of his amazing wilderness adventures? With the new app 'Survival Run' you can!

'Survival Run' is a game in 'Temple Run' style where you get you slip on Bear Grylls' hiking boots and escape from a rampaging Grizzly Bear. Collect coins on your run and you can buy new survival gear, and even Bear costumes from your favorite 'Man Vs. Wild' episodes.

I found the app via Twitter because the game has a built in Twitter shout-out that allows you to post your scores, and Bear Grylls was playing the game and posting his high scores!

A new episode called 'Urban Survivor' is coming soon. 'Survival Run' is free on iTunes.

Survival Run

By F84 Games

iTunes - Free

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