Okay, so Apple's new Maps wasn't quite the amazing experience everyone hoped it would be. Personally, I like Maps, but I don't use it enough to notice the bugs. It gets me from point A to point B... usually.Although Siri isn't much help.

There are quite a few new map apps in the App Store, and a great one is free today only! Download City Maps2Go!City Maps2Go isn't like the other maps apps you've been using. This one requires no data usage whatsoever. You download the entire city, county, district, or province maps for later viewing. Downloaded maps include the ability to search for specific streets, points of interest, and even bookmark your favorite locations.Time Magazine calls City Maps2Go an "essential app for travelers."

From the developer:

Featuring more than 7,800 highly interactive, detailed vector maps worldwide (all free to download once the app has been purchased), which can be pre-loaded onto a user’s mobile device, City Maps 2Go offers users access to search and discover millions of points of interest (POI) and hundreds of thousands of travel articles and recommendations (via the app’s included “Wiki Abstracts,” which provides information included in the first few paragraphs of the Wikipedia article of the POI) anywhere, anytime - even when there is little to no network coverage, when users have limited data plans, or when traveling abroad and wanting to avoid exorbitant data roaming charges.

City Maps2Go for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is a great resource and you'll find yourself using it a lot more than you realized. It's free today (November 15, 2012) only!

City Maps 2 Go
By Ulmon GmbH

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