You know all of those YouTube videos about people throwing hot water into the air during the Polar Vortex just to watch it miraculously turn to steam (or whatever it's doing)? Well, several DJs from Townsquare Twin Falls' stations wanted to find out if we could do that... and not work. Turns out it really works!

Myself, Boomer and Kendra Wolfe from 98.3 The Snake were desperately trying to blow off work. It was snowing and cold. 20 degrees to be exact. Was it cold enough to make hot water turn into steam when thrown into the air? Three intrepid DJs wanted to find out (and not work). Boomer was the trigger man, I was holding the camera, and Kendra was overseeing from a shadowy location.

Remember kids: this is science in action! But please, for the love of Mike, don't throw the boiling hot water on yourself! Be careful!

Disclaimer: There's no actual "hilarity" in this video.